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  • Do They Glow?
    Yes they do. Once the candle burns down a couple inches, the exterior will illuminate.
  • Can the candles be refilled?
    Yes! After the center has burned out, you can place a votive inside and keep it going. It is also best to have a glass insulating cup and stand to set the votive in, which we sell all together in our Refill Kit
  • Does the entire candle melt or just the center part?
    These candles can be burned right down the center, while preserving the exterior, with a small amount of care which is listed in the burning structions provided. The exterior is wax, and can melt under certain conditions, but even when left to burn without care, they will burn generally down the center, illuminating the outer artwork.
  • Are candles of the same design all identical?
    Not exactly. Because the candles are all hand made, there will be slight color variations between candles of the same design. However, they will not differ much from the photo you see for that candle on this website.
  • What are the burn times for the different sizes?
    Approximately: 45 hours- Small 60 hours, Medium 100 hours, Large However, we recommend refilling the candle with a votive to extend the life of your candle.
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